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Omg, so a few days ago my sister gave all my personal contact info out to one of her friends without asking and gave some stupid random excuse and everyone’s like “oh, be nice to him, blahblahblah” so I am, because even though he’s my sister’s friend that doesn’t mean he’s automatically a horrible human being.

Anyway, he’s in his 20s and having a gay crisis and trying to decide if he is or isn’t.  So he keeps asking me all these questions like “how did you first know,” “have you ever done this,” etc.

And I’m just awkwardly there like “lol, out since 7th grade.”  We just have such different situations I barely know what to say to him.

Also, he keeps talking about how much he loves dick, so I don’t know why he’s questioning whether he’s straight or not.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

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